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Segmented Turnings

Something a little different

These are made by cutting sticks of different types of lumber into segments and gluing them into circles. The circles are glued into bowl blanks. The blanks are then turned. Yes, all the little pieces have to be cut too! And it does take significant precision to ensure that the glue joints are not visible. But it's also a great challenge!!

(click on any image for a larger view)

3 small, thin bowls (~4 inch wide) using Malcolm Tibbett's
stabilized pen blank technique. The left bowl is .06" thick, the rear bowl is .05" thick and the front right bowl is .03" thin.

Checkerboard Hollow Vessel
Using Malcolm Tibbett's checkerboard technique
The vessel is 4" high and 4" wide at the widest spot.
The checkerboard is 3/8" squares of maple and walnut.


Segmented Music Box

Segmented Music Box
4 rows of segmented rings
Plays Brahms Lullaby
~3 inches square



segmented bowl


Two fun bowls; bloodwood and maple in the first bowl and purpleheart and yellowheart in the second. Yes, the second bowl is just like the one below... it's so popular people keep asking for it!

They are 6 1/2" across and made from 3 rings.


segmented bowl

37 Pieces in the 6 1/2" bowl made from three rings
The woods are purpleheart and yellowheart


segmented bowl

25 Pieces in this 3 ring bowl. The base is bleached maple with the middle ring consisting of pink ivory and yellowheart topped with a ring of bloodwood.


Diamond bottom bowl
10 1/2" x 4 1/4"

The main wood is cherry with the top feature ring being maple and bloodwood.

The diamond is made from bloodwood, holly, brazilian cherry, walnut, maple and purpleheart.

It has 102 pieces.


These are a pair of pillar candle pedestals. They each have 98 pieces and are near identical. They are made from mahogany and maple and finished with tung oil finish. They were designed to hold a 4 inch pillar candle. The top picture shows one of them with a 3 7/8" tear drop candle.


Diamond bottom bowl
10 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Walnut, holly and cardinal wood
102 pieces


Yellow Heart and Pakauk
1 layer of 8/4


Walnut and Spalted Sycamore
3 layers


Walnut and Maple
3 layers


Walnut, Maple and Bloodwood
5 layers


Walnut, Zebrawood and Bloodwood
2 layers


Squash Pot
5 layers
65 pieces


Small Navaho Bowl
10 layers
45 pieces


Large Navaho Vessel
20 layers
224 pieces


  Copyright © 2007 Dennis Daudelin
  If you want to use any of the pictures, please ask first.