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Wood Turned Pens

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Brick Pens (segmented pens)

Stabilized Wood Pens

The Corian Series

The Polymer Clay Pens

Other Fine Woods


Brick Pens

32 Segments
Rings are composed of maple, cherry, walnut and pakauk
Black Fishpaper centerband


70 Segments
Walnut and Cardinal Wood with maple dividers
Maple centerband


32 Segments
Maple and Cardinalwood
Black Fishpaper centerband

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Stabilized Wood Pens

Blue stabilized Curly Maple

Red Stabilized Curly Koa

Teal stabilized Curly Maple


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The Corian Pens

Blue Corian - onion bulb tip

Robin's Egg Blue Corian - onion bulb tip

White Corian with speckles

Pink Corian with onion bulb tip

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The Polymer Clay Pens


Bubblegum - pink, blue, red and white polymer clay

Granitex clay

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All others

Brown laminate with fishpaper centerband

Osage Orange with cocobolo centerband

Holly with black/red/black centerband

Dymondwood with ebony centerband

Black/Gray Laminate with ebony centerband

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  Copyright © 2007 Dennis Daudelin
  If you want to use any of the pictures, please ask first.