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Woodturnings just for the Fun of it

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Perfume atomizers

These goblets were turned for a open house demonstration. The tallest one (on the left) is 3" tall. The shortest one (on the right) is 3/4" tall. They are all turned from maple.

They are fun to turn and very quick!


Perfume atomizers

These are cabochons that I turned on the lathe. They were fitted into money holders.

top row (left to right): Ambrosia Maple (red maple with beetle marks), Bloodwood (red), Oak Burl, Cherry Burl

middle row (l to r): Blue Corian, Curly Maple, Olive Tree, Ambrosia Maple

bottom row (l to r): Amboyna Burl, Oak Burl, Cherry Burl and Grey/Black Corian

The corian is polished and finished.

All the rest of the woods have one coat of oil and will ultimately have 5 or 6 coats before they are finished.

Perfume atomizers

These are perfume atomizers in four different shapes. It was fun to have 4 different shapes in my mind and to be able to turn them all. They are 2009 Christmas gifts.

The woods are all very interesting too. Here are the types of wood from left to right:

  • Birds-eye maple with a blackwood top,
  • Cherry,
  • Tiger maple with a blackwood top,
  • Cherry.




Wood Turned Kaleidoscope

This is my first attempt at making a Jim Duxbury kaleidoscope.

The body is made from 3 bleached curly maple staves and it uses a 3 mirror system. The eye piece is made from bloodwood. The spinning object cell was created from a laminate of the curly maple and bloodwood. The total length of the piece is 15 inches.

The cell itself is a fluid cell filled with parts from and focusing on Cape Cod including sea shells, local sea glass, transparent rocks, and some glass beads.

This kaleidoscope was made for my father's 76th birthday later this month. My parents lived on Cape Cod in the 50's and it's where I was born. I've now moved back to Cape Cod as part of my retirement plans.

An image from inside the kaleidoscope.

Another image





laminated wood turned ring

Laminated wood ring

Bloodwood with a center of white corian
Sized to fit me!


Colored Acrylic

Stabilized Black Palm

Stabilized Bird's Eye Maple

Colored Acrylic

Shaving brushes with silver-tipped Badger hair brushes



Maple Goblet

8 inch tall Spalted Maple Goblet

Grand-daughter Emily's 2006 Christmas Gift

This has been my big turning project (gift) this fall. It has exactly 100 different pieces in it and took me 3 weeks to make working on it a couple hours per day!

Once this thing gets going it's the next best thing to drums!! My daughter's going to love it :-)

Emily's popper

It's a "popper"... about 2 feet tall. The wheels are 6" in diameter.

Turned Toy

The wheels have a decorative insert to help create a spinning object when moving.

Turned Balls

There are 15 balls inside the walnut and birch spindle cage. The balls are solid maple, bloodwood, and walnut and then pieces of each. The axles and support are both maple but different varieties which are different colors now that the oil finish is on it.
I hope she likes it


Mahogany Platter

Mahogany Cheese and Cracker Platter
15" across with 6" white marble tile and mahogany cheese knife

You can now see a tutorial on how to make this at my woodturning site: Click Here


Maple Platter

Maple Cheese and Cracker Platter
12" across with 6" green marble tile with curly maple cheese knife


Wine Glasses

Here's one of my latest projects, wine glasses. The top is glass and it's inserted into a bloodwood holder. The stem is holly and the base is wenge! They were made for daily use at our home!


These 3 spoons were turned on the lathe and then the bowl was carved. The top is red birch, the middle is curly maple and the bottom spoon is cherry.

The instructions for turning these spoons came from Bill Johnston and can be found on the Woodturning Online Projects page.


We moved to Cape Cod this year and have been visiting all the local lighthouses. This bird's eye maple is the first lighthouse in what I expect to be a big collection!

The design was created by Brad Adams and made available on the WOW website. Now that I've made this lighthouse, I plan to start modifying it to match a real Cape Cod lighthouse.


Ash Baseball bat pens (using Bic pen inserts)


These are 2 goblets that I made out of walnut. They are made out of 1 piece of wood. The left one is 1 inch tall and has 2 captive rings. The right one is 1 1/2 inch tall and has 3 captive rings. They were fun to make on the lathe!


Here I am standing with Johannes Michelson after taking his course on how to make a Cowboy Hat. The hat started out as an 80 lbs Amphrosia Maple log and in it's finished hat shape only weighs 10 oz. It's 3/32" thickness throughout and is very comfortable to wear!


Big Leaf Maple Burl Box


Curly Maple Mallet
(this one gets used in my shop)


Magic Wand
(very popular with the kids)


Selection of key rings


Bubble Gum Poly Clay Key Ring

  Copyright © 2007 Dennis Daudelin
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