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About the Turner


I started turning in 1998. Over the years, I was able to take some hands-on wood turning classes with some great instructors:


I am a member of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and over the years, I've been a member of some of their local chapters close to my homes.

I'm also a member of a national chapter:

 I've been lucky to attend several regional  symposiums:

  • Totally Turning - Albany, NY
  • New England Symposium - Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH
  • New England Symposium - Middleton, CT.
  • Florida Symposium, Eustis, FL.

And AAW national symposiums:

  • 2002 - Providence, RI
  • 2004 - Orlando, FL
  • 2007 - Portland, OR
  • 2008 - Richmond, VA
  • 2008 - First Segmented Symposium - Mark Adams School of Woodworking
  • 2009 - Albuquerque, NM
  • 2010 - Hartford, CT
  • 2011 - Minneapolis, MN
  • 2015 - Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2016 - Atlanta, GA

After I became competent on the lathe, I wanted to return the learnings to people with the same interest. Over the years, I've conducted over 100 classes and demonstrations at both my local woodturning club on Cape Cod and at other turning clubs including our new home in Sarasota Florida.

Here is a list of some of those classes and demonstartions


Sarasota Woodturners Club - Turning wood handled screwdrivers



Sarasota Woodturners Club - Turning a Wood Box

Cape Cod Woodturners

Turning wood-stemmed glass goblets Turning a stamp holder Turning a purple urchin ornament



Sarasota Woodturners Club - Turning a Slimline Pen

Sun-n-Fun, Sarasota, FL

Beginner's Skew Chisel
Turning Finials
Turning Pens on the lathe

Central New England Woodturners, Worcester, MA

Wood-stemmed glass goblets



Sun-n-Fun, Sarasota FL

Wood-stemmed glass goblets
Turning Stamp Holders
Introduction to the Beall Pen Wizard
Advanced Bowl Turning
Turning an Ice Cream Scoop

Cape Cod Woodturners

Introduction to Segmented Turnings



Sun-n-Fun, Sarasota FL

Beginner's bowl turning class
Turning a dried, rough turned bowl
Segmented Turning for Beginners
Turning Household Brushes
Turning Goblets with real glass bowls
Introduction to the Polaris Pen
Turning Miniature Goblets



Sun-n-Fun, Sarasota FL

Turning Honey Dippers
Turning Weed Pots (Dry Flower Vase)
Turning Bottle Stoppers
Turning a wood Mallet / Gavel (2 piece)
Turning a Birdhouse Ornament
Turning Hollow Globe Ornaments
Making Captured Rings
Turning Wood Goblets
Turning Miniature Turnings
Turned and Hollowed Spoons
Turning Wood handled screwdrivers
Turning Wood pens
Introduction to the Wood Lathe and Lathe Safety
Basic Spindle Turning
Woodturning Tool Sharpening
Work Holding – How to put wood on the lathe (and stay there)
Make your own Miniature Hollowing Tool
Advanced Bowl Turning using the Ellsworth Side Grind Gouge
Bowl Design Concepts
Finishing your turnings – Sanding / Finishing / Buffing
Turning Miniature Goblets

Cape Cod Woodturners

Using the Beall Buffing system
Turning a Wood Mallet
Turning a miniature goblet
Turning Wood Spoons



Cape Cod Woodturners

Turning Wood Spoons
Turning Honey Dippers
Introduction to Segmented Turnings
Introduction to Spindle Turning
Turning Wood Mallets



Central New England Woodturners

Turning Peppermills


  Copyright © 2007 Dennis Daudelin
  If you want to use any of the pictures, please ask first.