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Wood Turned Ornaments


Here is the 2006 ornament picture. These are purple urchin shells with wood finials and icicles. The wood is bloodwood and purpleheart.

They were very fun and fast to make since you didn't have to hollow out the main body!

Here is a choir of angel ornaments. They are all about 4 inches all and are made from Cherry. There were 2005 family ornaments.

The design was created by Eugen Schlaak and made available on the WOW website.

Christmas Ornament of Walnut and Ash
7 layers
52 Pieces


Birdhouse Ornament


Hollow Globe Ornament
Maple and Walnut


Butternut Bell


Birdhouse Ornament
Purpleheart and Yellowheart

Inside Out Turning


Inside Out Turning


Inside Out Turning


  Copyright © 2007 Dennis Daudelin
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